You’re right, I would have not recommended this. However, I also would not have seen her response and her urging others to harass my university. That’s bad because the university (to their credit) will follow up on every complaint very seriously. The Senior Vice President gets flagged, I have to be distracted from my work and start answering questions, and he seriously has more important things to do. It is harassment at the taxpayers’ expense, wasting the time of public servants with too much on their plates.

The other explanation of why her tweet appeared deleted was because she blocks/unblocks me, which is fine. I wish I’d stay blocked. But when blocked the quoted tweet says, “Tweet no longer available” so you can’t determine someone that excluded you from content over deleted content. So if she left it up, whether it is deleted or I’m barred from seeing it, it looks the same to me — no longer available. I interpreted that as deleted at first because that’s what people do when they are caught saying something dead wrong, again which is fine.

When she uses the authority of a nurse to make claims that are false and potentially dangerous to health, I feel an obligation to at least post a correction so that others can examine the evidence for themselves. She objected to that, and then her tweet disappeared.

If you look from my perspective, this is someone that has been documented in harassing me, my university, and (in my opinion based on circumstances) my family. When she’s posting phone numbers to urge others to call my university leadership, it shows some serious problems in judgment.

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