Thanks for the note Suzanne. The OCA funding of my personal and professional defamation is well established and a simple Google search is all it takes. I don’t want to recap history in each piece. The evidence of my claim is available and free in public space. OCA’s data are not.

No, glyphosate has never been shown to be a carcinogen. There are no data to support that claim outside of weak associations that do not agree with better-quality studies and methods.

“Chemically saturated” ?? What does that mean? Everything is made of chemicals. If you are talking about glyphosate there is a tiny amount used per acre, and even if they OCA numbers are real they are inconsequential (less than one second in 32 years). Saturated?

OCA comes from an anti-biotech start. They have commandeered the ‘organic’ label to give themselves a halo they don’t deserve. They don’t represent organic farmers and simply are a well-financed attack organization. And sure, to hell with Unilever and Ben and Jerry’s. I don’t care about them. But this trend of attacking a brand with false information is not fair.

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Land-grant scientist exploring ways to make better food with less input, and how to communicate science. All funding at

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