Oh boy. First, any funds coming to a university from any source do not necessarily trickle down to a researcher. I have no idea who donates to a university, that’s not my job. My research is funded by gov’t sources and strawberry industry, 15 years, at least until three weeks ago. I did not get “25k for Folta’s travel to testify on behalf of Monsanto.” That is false information, part of a deliberate smear campaign, and you bought it. I’m glad to answer any questions, any time. Please look at the facts and you’ll see a very different story. Also, how does your personal attack on me refute any of the points I’ve presented?

Do you see what happened here? I write a factual, evidence-based article and you pull out a two-year-old article that is a smear campaign (actually the Forbes one you posted is the wrong one). So you threw a scientist under the bus because you believed nonsense. Someone fooled you, and you used that to harm someone. That’s pretty scary.

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Land-grant scientist exploring ways to make better food with less input, and how to communicate science. All funding at kevinfolta.com/transparency

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