Not exactly but close. Yes, I did write for GMO Answers because they ask for independent experts to provide insights. That’s my job as someone that understands technology well and studied it for 30 years. I’m exactly the person you want answering those questions. GMO Answers made a website to do this. The answers would have been the same if it was on any website sponsored by anyone.

Yes the podcast was fun. And yes, I am critical of those that block technology from helping others. Genetics, or whatever.

The next paragraph is all wrong. I probably had a few dozen emails with people that worked at Monsanto. You can’t work in plant biology and have old friends that work there or classmates, etc. Sometimes a guy that worked there I never met would send me a note just to clarify something I wrote or tell me good job. Big deal.

I freely turned over probably 60,000 pages at this point. Nobody found anything wrong, illegal, or unethical.

USRTK didn’t discover anything there. They knew of my workshop funds in February 2015 when I picked up a phone and called Gary, and told him everything I did with that company- which is next to zero. Plus it was on every sponsor slide I showed in the workshops. It was not on my research website because they didn’t fund research.

Ketchum runs the GMO Answers website, funded by BIO, a consortium of 550+ companies. That’s why I corresponded with them.

And yes, I did speak to Colorado farmers. I speak to farmers all the time. I’ll speak the dairy industry on Friday. Not sure what your point is. I’m a public scientist at a land-grant university. My job it so integrate with the public, students, industry, etc. If I didn’t speak to them I would not be doing my job.

And there is no evidence that they are abusing farmers. If they were, farmers would not buy their seeds. Farmers have plenty of choices. And there’s no evidence that the products cause cancer. That’s just silly at this point.

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Land-grant scientist exploring ways to make better food with less input, and how to communicate science. All funding at

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