Josie, you have been unfortunately influenced by Paul Thacker. He is an evil character that spends his days figuring out how to cause me grief. He hates that I am an independent public scientist that tells the truth about food and farming.

I am currently suing the NYT because that piece you linked. There were no “secret grants”. They provided funding to my university for a communications training program I run, where I teach scientists and farmers how to talk to the public. I received nothing. It allowed me to print materials and put out doughnuts and coffee. Not one cent was used ultimately because the NYT story prompted threats against my family and my laboratory. I almost quit science.

There is much written about it, and you can easily see that after pulling 70,000 pages of my personal emails, an above-board gift to a university program is the biggest crime they can nail me on. Thacker makes it look like it was illegal and a scandal.

All of my lab’s funding is 100% transparent and on my lab’s website. All reimbursements are listed and match to the penny. Just about all donations speaker fees and honoraria, etc don’t go to me, they go to my outreach program to send kits to kids to grow plants. This is what Thacker and his thugs just hate. Ask questions. Anytime.

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