It shows how little you know about the seed business and about university science. I could provide a full response, but you’ve made up your mind and it is not going to sway you.

I’ll simply state for those reading:

  1. I’m not “pro-GMO”. I’m pro science. I know the literature inside and out on this topic and have the same synthesis the world’s most elite scientific bodies come to. It is technology with strengths and limitations, risks and benefits, and I speak of all of it.
  2. When a university receives funding from a company that does not mean researchers ever see any of it. My research funding is all detailed at . Almost all of my funding for 15 years has come from federal and state sources, some from strawberry industry to help problems there.
  3. New technology costs a lot to develop, so it costs more and companies ask farmers not to propagate it. Seed companies sue farmers propagating and selling the product. So do companies that make apple trees, blueberry plants, or whatever. It costs millions to make a new variety, tens of millions to make a GE seed, so it is not possible to give it away. If farmers don’t want to use the technology they don’t have to. 99% of that seed’s value is in the base genetics, the GE traits are just an add-on.

Anyone with questions should feel free to email me at kevinfolta at gmail. I’m glad to answer questions and will not deal with an aggressive troll bent on harassing me in the comments section of my own article.

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Land-grant scientist exploring ways to make better food with less input, and how to communicate science. All funding at

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