I’m not going to jump through your hoops. It is classic science denial — make scientists do the leg work and then move the goalposts. No thanks. The bottom line is that efficacy can be measured, we know what it is. Relative risks are understood. Epidemiology indicates that the treatment is safe and efficacious. There are standards that do not allow placebo-controlled trials on humans. If you are suggesting that we give a vaccine to one group, a placebo to another, and then expose them to Ebola, HIV, smallpox, etc… that’s your demand to establish something as safe? It is not only in conflict with all established ethics protocols, it is not necessary. This is not an experimental treatment. You induce an immunological response to an antigen. It happens all day, every day, to different proteins in our environment, food, whatever. And yes, we have done the experiment — you don’t vaccinate kids, they catch disease. Watch cervical cancer rates in pre- and post-HPV populations. Data coming soon. And it is evil to withhold proven treatment from children when a solution exists — I wonder if they strap their kids into car seats or if “accidents are rare and a broken arm is just a part of being a kid…”

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Land-grant scientist exploring ways to make better food with less input, and how to communicate science. All funding at kevinfolta.com/transparency

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