Hi Alex, I discovered this same approach basically by deviating from eating behaviors that made me feel awful and put on weight. Three squares a day does not work for me, but one square and a little fruit in the AM is just right, with low/no processed sugars. I think the punch line is that any dietary advice fails to consider genetics. Metabolism is a sloppy place, and every individual responds different to food in different ways.

Folks should take the advice here and test it, see if it works for them. I think that’s why folks get so skeptical of any dietary advice — because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach and most end in failure. This is a good article, I’m not as excited about cancer claims or “inflammation” as they require a much more nuanced explanation and may be prone to misinterpretation. Thanks. I like your stuff.

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Land-grant scientist exploring ways to make better food with less input, and how to communicate science. All funding at kevinfolta.com/transparency

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