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  • Meghan Daum

    Meghan Daum

    Weekly blogger for Medium. Host of @TheUnspeakPod. Author of six books, including The Problem With Everything. www.theunspeakablepodcast.com www.meghandaum.com

  • Brady Holmer

    Brady Holmer

    PhD candidate at the University of Florida — Science writing with a particular focus on exercise and nutrition interventions, aging, health, and disease.

  • Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway

    Prof Marketing @NYUStern · Founder @L2_digital @redenvelope @prophetBrand · Contributor @bloombergtv · Cohost Pivot podcast · Weekly musings profgalloway.com

  • Celine Caseys

    Celine Caseys

    Plant-Curious Biologist. I study and write about plant interactions. I'm currently postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis Plant Sciences

  • Josie Glausiusz

    Josie Glausiusz

    I'm a science journalist writing for Nature, National Geographic, Scientific American, Hakai, Aeon and Undark Magazine. Follow me on Twitter: @josiegz

  • Sarah E. Myhre

    Sarah E. Myhre

    Scientist. Feminist. sarahmyhre.com

  • Keira


    Pro wonder, creativity, & science. Words matter. Founder @RevolutionBio

  • Trevor Charles

    Trevor Charles

    I am a microbiologist. I run a research group and teach at University of Waterloo. I live for ideas. Easily sidetracked. CSO and co-founder of @metagenombio

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