Removing False Information Only Works if the Information Removed is False

I applaud social media’s attempts to keep it real. Bad science and bogus news poisons our ability to make informed decisions based on the best evidence, and an attempt to remove dangerous or confusing information is welcome. Many of…

You Are Now Enlisted in Helping Science Win the War

In a recent online event, a graphic was posted to introduce the speakers of a COVID19 vaccine panel.

In the first 30 seconds a remotely-controlled cursor festooned the graphic with swastikas and grade-school-quality penis line art. The audio belched forth…

Your Tax Dollars Were Delivered to Anti-Vaccination Groups that Promote False Information about the Pandemic

In the ultimate flourish of irony, the US government delivered Payroll Protection Program checks totaling over $850,000 to prominent entities that fueled spread of the virus. Notorious silos of disinformation received your tax dollars to…

Preventing the Preventable is a Question of National Narcissism

There is one message that is sadly not being shared about COVID19 — it is 100% controllable with changes in our personal behavior. A virus is just a tiny collection of infectious chemistry that only spreads when we permit it to…

Kevin Folta

Land-grant scientist exploring ways to make better food with less input, and how to communicate science. All funding at

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