The WHO Published the Details of the Injected Sequence - Here’s What it Means

“You have no idea what’s in that injection, other than the microchips,” the meme proclaims.

But thanks to great transparency we know exactly what’s in the new Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA vaccine directed against SARS-CoV2. First, no microchips! The following information comes from a release by the World Health Organization. To the average person it probably looks frightening, an injection of jargon. That’s why I’m here to sort it out for you.

What is mRNA?

RNA is a chemical compound very similar to DNA, the master blueprint of the cell. Messenger RNA (or mRNA) is a temporary copy of that blueprint that carries the information to the place in the cell where the code is literally translated into building a specific protein that plays a role in metabolism or structure in the cell. Most important, while DNA is stable and secure (as a master blueprint should be) RNA is inherently unstable and goes away shortly after its information is delivered. …

Preventing the Preventable is a Question of National Narcissism

There is one message that is sadly not being shared about COVID19 — it is 100% controllable with changes in our personal behavior. A virus is just a tiny collection of infectious chemistry that only spreads when we permit it to spread. This is why testing, tracing, staying home, washing hands, controlling your respiratory aerosols, and keeping distance are critical. We each, control its spread together.

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Australia did an excellent job at this and yesterday logged zero new cases. Life there is normal; their businesses can thrive. Hospitals can go back to treating the involuntarily ill and health care workers can know they are not risking their lives by treating someone that perhaps elected to become infected via their own negligence. …

Wait just a minute Nobel Prize Committee, slow your roll. The 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to Drs. Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuel Charpentier for their discovery and application of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, a process that some say is a revolutionary step in agriculture and medicine.

Obviously the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Prize Committees are paid operatives of Monsanto. As we have been told by the real experts like Joe Mercola and Health Ranger Mike Adams, the lauded technology is dangerous work of mad scientists, triggering tumors and “frying your DNA”. …

Bogus Information is Now the Community Standard but Correcting It is Not

Over a professional academic research science career of almost 35 years I’ve actively opposed the willful dissemination of false information in news, on websites, and in social media. I’ve paid a mighty price for that, personally and professionally. When you call out people on lying to the public, they retaliate, and retaliate hard in bitter, durable ways. Just google me.

Facebook and Twitter are special sewers of false information. While no social media pages or platforms are immune, one Facebook page captured my focus this week. In countering false information the admins told me to change my response, which was admittedly pithy. But this is the problem. My response was direct, colorful and most of all correct. …

The use of ammonium nitrate in explosives is nothing new. It is a potent oxidizing agent that accelerates the combustion of fuels, instantaneously liberating the energy within their bonds. This is how explosives work. The Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 is an example of its devastating potential. A rental vehicle filled with about 4,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate fertilizer prills (1–2 mm soluble beads) treated with diesel fuel (47:1) was detonated in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, destroying the adjacent building and damaging 325 others in a substantial radius of the blast.

Ammonium nitrate is a readily-available fertilizer, as plants thrive on the nitrogen present in both the ammonium and the nitrate moieties of the compound. Malicious use has decreased with stiffened regulations and availability. …

Biology has Rules, Even if we Choose to Ignore Them

I remember my seventh grade biology class well, especially the day that Mr. Herzing taught us about viruses. “The virus is the borderline of life,” he said.

Viruses are simply self-replicating chemistry. They are a hint of genetic material encased in a molecular shield designed to penetrate host cells and then commandeer its biochemical machinery to make more of itself. They have no metabolism, they don’t eat, rest or mate with other viruses. They are truly the borderline of life, arguably more on the not-alive side of the border.

Through sheer chance viruses can gain the ability to jump from species to species, to cause human infection, and to ignite a familiar spectrum of symptoms. …

The joy of producing food for others.

Olivia is a tiny girl, probably somewhere between four and five, that doesn’t really walk from place to place as much as she bounces. Her hair is white-blonde from the sun, she always smiles, and her enthusiasm bubbles over as she sings while she talks.

We met her at a Gainesville, Florida farmers market. My wife Natalia sells the fruits and vegetables she produces there, and Olivia and her parents are regular customers. One day last fall Olivia would fall in love with the cucamelon. …

The simple courtesy of protecting others is a bridge too far for many

In the age of a respiratory pathogen spread by airborne droplets, I’ve stayed the hell out of public places. I didn’t own a proper mask and didn’t know where to get one, so I just stayed home. It was not that I feared for my life — I’m healthy and slightly younger than the Window of Doom. That’s exactly why I needed to avoid public places when unprotected. …

How the Unscrupulous Profit from Plague

In a search for silver linings I saw the COVID19 pandemic as a potential to sanitize our collective health house from infectious disinformation. While tens of thousands suffered in hospitals, the need for medical professionals exploded. We did not witness a flood of faith healers, crystal rubbers, energy-field manipulators, homeopaths, or naturopaths showing up to cure the afflicted. Now is their time to shine, yet they are strangely absent.

I thought the pandemic would usher in the end of faith-based medicine, bogus nostrums and exploitation of the chronically misinformed. …

Are they seeing the light, or a way to profit from consumer awareness of an agricultural crisis?

After years of anti-farmer rhetoric, disgusting anti-agriculture videos, and trashing farmer seed choice, Chipotle now seems to have found a love for the American farmer that is as warm and inviting as the gooey core of a steak burrito. Their new “Cultivate the Future of Farming” campaign raises awareness of the hardship being experienced in agriculture, and then offers their thoughts and some seed grants in order to reverse it.

But are they solving a problem that they were instrumental in creating?

The crisis in agriculture is real, with farmers suffering from low prices, astronomical costs, and strangling regulation. Farmer suicides are a barometer of the crisis. Farms, from commodity crops to dairies, are going out of business daily. …


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Land-grant scientist exploring ways to make better food with less input, and how to communicate science. All funding at

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